This is Euro-Asian Oil

Managing the commercial process of leasing out storage capacity is our core business.

We are an oil terminal operations company aiming to renew, develop and increase efficiencies on investments in the mid stream market. Our tools consist of comprehensive knowledge of the industry and a wide international contact network. We've developed a business model that contributes to the storage owner's profits and to the ability of traders to quickly find the best logistic solution. The Euro Asian Oil B.V. activities are (among others) place in the industry: Freight forwarders, shipping agents, shippers and other freight brokers. This sector is the main category "Transportation and storage" and in this case further subdivided in: "Storage and support activities for transportation," subcategory "transport services".

We provide

storage and handling facilities for a wide range of bulk liquids primarily on behalf of chemical companies.Our flexible organisation with short lead times enables us to offer effective and innovative solutions to your logistic needs.

Maritime Services.

Euro-Asian Oil B.V. currently offers marine services for LNG in both Europe and Asia and is actively seeking out other engagements.

Bunkering Services.

Euro-Asian Oil B.V. core business is bunkering in the ARA region. All bunker deliveries are done by state of the art double hull and product dedicated barges.

Oil Storage.

We are the largest independent storage company in Europ and Asia, offering storage in both caverns and tanks. All storage facilities are in strategic and carefully selected locations.

Euro-Asian Oil B.V. a company with difference !

Euro-Asian Oil B.V. Storage has developed a unique business model which maximises the revenue potential for the storage owner whilst maintaining full transparency. The success of this model has resulted in Euro-Asian Oil B.V. storage portfolio growing by more than 2 million cubic meters in the last five years.